Fine Offset

Support for the FineOffset protocol for temperature and humidity sensors is now added to OpenNetHome. As usual, the brand names of the products vary between countries, and in Sweden for example they are sold under the name “Viking”. The usage in NetHomeServer is similar to the Oregon Scientific, so there are two new HomeItems: FineOffsetThermometer and FineOffsetHygrometer. As with the Oregon sensor, auto discovery is supported in OpenNetHome, so if there are sensors in range, they will automatically be presented on the Create/Edit-page. Note that not all FineOffset-sensors actually have a humidity sensor included. Graphing of values is of course supported as for the other sensors. Implementation is available in the nightly build. 

I am also working on support for the FineOffset Rain Gauge, but that is not finished yet.


  1. Hi, I'm trying to create a Arduino-transmitter which will imitate the fineoffset termometer, do you have any ideas where to find a good documentation of the protocol?


  2. Well, documentation may be a strong word, but the source of the decoder I wrote is available at:


    It contains some documentation, and I guess it actually describes the protocol in code.