Power Meter

OpenNetHome now finally has support for a Power Meter that can measure electricity consumption. The new FooGadgetPulse-Item  supports the FooGadget Wireless Pulse Counter from FooGadgets, which can be connected to the standard blinking power meters often used in apartments and houses.

The Item presents the current consumption in kW (average over 1 minute), how much energy has been used so far today in kWh, how much energy has been used so far current week in kWh and the total consumption so far. It also shows the total consumption for yesterday and last week.

It uses the latest version of the FooGadget protocol where it can lose hundreds of the transmissions from the sensor and still get the total consumption right. This is useful when you upgrade the server for example, even if the OpenNetHome is down for a while, the measurements of the energy consumption will still be correct for that period. The old protocol is also supported by the Item FooGadgetLegacy.

The FooGadgetPulse-Item can show a graph of the consumption over time. The graph shows the consumption in kW sampled and averaged over 15 minute periods:

I have also added a new Item called ValueLogger, which can log any attribute value of an Item and present the value as a graph.This is very useful in combination with FooGadgetPulse. You can for example put a log on the EnergyToday-attribute. This will present a graph over the total consumption for each day, and also show how the consumption was distributed over the day:

Both FooGadgetPulse and ValueLogger are available in the nightly build.

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