Raspberry Pi Installation

Since the majority of the OpenNetHome users are using raspberry pi as platform, I have made it easier to install and upgrade on that platform.
I have now added a plug&play installation script for Raspberry Pi which installs the files in the appropriate locations in the file system, configures serial drivers and installs the OpenNetHome server as a daemon that runs in the background with its own user account. All you have to do is to run this script and then you can plug in a TellstickDuo and start controlling your home!

A complete installation instruction including download of the release is:

wget http://wiki.nethome.nu/lib/exe/fetch.php/nethomeservernightly.zip
unzip nethomeservernightly.zip
cd nethomeservernightly/install/raspbian/
chmod +x *.sh
sudo ./install.sh

Included is also an automated upgrade script, which will download the current nightly build and upgrade the installation to that. This script should be copied to your home directory and run whenever you want to upgrade your installation:

sudo ./upgrade_nethome_nightly.sh

The daemon installation is built on the earlier nhs installation contributed by Peter Lagerhem, but is modified quite a bit, so if you are using that you have to uninstall it according to the instructions in the readme-file before you can do this installation.

The installation scripts are available in the nightly build


  1. Well done. Works great and is super easy to install!

    Still missing one thing. =)
    The ability to send a e-mail or run a script based on a event. lets say when mailbox or a specific temperature sensor goes blow a given value.

    Could bee me missing something =)

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it! Messaging is actually next on my agenda after the REST-interface. But you can already run scripts as actions. Create a ValueTrigger for example and connect that to a thermometer. As action you select "exec" under custom actions and save. After that you can edit the action field and enter the script name, for example: "exec,/home/pi/myscript.sh". Just make sure that the nethome user has enough rights to run the script. You can actually even send mail this way since there are command line mail programs...

  3. NetHome won't execute certain batch files (.sh) after this change. What am I doing wrong?

    I have a Scene executing this command:
    exec,bash /etc/opt/nethome/batch/coffee.sh
    where the batch file "coffee.sh" is supposed to play a sound through my speakers (aplay /etc/opt/nethome/media/Sound.wav). But nothing happens.

    I have also tried:
    exec,sudo bash /etc/opt/nethome/batch/coffee.sh
    exec,aplay /etc/opt/nethome/media/Sound.wav
    but nothing.

    Running the commands
    bash /etc/opt/nethome/batch/coffee.sh
    aplay /etc/opt/nethome/media/Sound.wav
    from a Terminal (as user "Pi") works just fine.

    The nethome folder containing the media is given full rights (777).

  4. In the new installation, the NetHomeServer runs with its own user "nethome". To avoid risks the nethome-user is set up with very restricted rights so in order to run shell commands from NetHome you must give the nethome user sufficient access rights to perform the commands. To be able to play sounds for example, the user must be member of the "audio"-group. To add nethome to that group you execute the command:

    sudo usermod -a -G audio nethome

    Then you restart the server:

    sudo /etc/init.d/nethome restart

    And after that the NetHomeServer should be able to play sounds.

  5. Hi, I have old nightly installation which is based on 2.0. I copied media files to /etc/opt/nethome/media and default.xml to /etc/opt/nethome/config.xml but my pictures from house doesnt show up. I did gave permissions like every other files.
    I tested creating new plan but it wont allow to select picture for it. what I'm doing wrong ?
    is it default.xml to compatible new one ?

  6. got it, old default.xml isnt combatible with new nightly. got to start from beginning...

  7. Hi Pumo, you can relax, the default.xml is fully compatible and you do not have to start from the beginning. It is however important to do all the steps in the upgrade description and in the right order. From your description it is hard to tell exactly what your problem is, but I am guessing it has to do with steps 7 and 8 in the upgrade instruction. The media directory is configured in the JettyWEB Home Item, so after you have started with a copy of your old configuration you must open the JettyWEB-Item and configure the new directory path, save the configuration and then restart the server so it can read the new MediaDirectory configuration. If you still have problems after this, send me a mail and I can help you to sort things out.

  8. Hi, I did find that JettyWEB path in xml file and changed it works now, thanks.

  9. Hey there i have tellprox installed and wanted to try this thing out but getting failed to open serial port to Tellstick: /dev/ttyUSB0 error I guess it has something to do with the tellstick not connecting as a serial but i dunno what i need to do need to.

  10. @Patrik I suspect that the Telldus-package that needs to be installed for tellprox will prevent the tellstick to be presented as a real serial port. I guess you have to uninstall the Telldus drivers first. If you still have problems, please write a post in the forum (http://forum.opennethome.org) and I will try to help you out.

  11. Hi, can I use the Old Tellstick with this ie not the duo? Have installed everything but the RPI can not find it. When I run the dmseg it shows but not in the UI. Thanks Anders