Nethome is listening

It is now possible to send messages to Nethome and trigger actions and responses. In the new MessageInteractor-Item you can specify trigger strings, and if Nethome receives a chat message containing the trigger string the MessageInteractor-Item can trigger any action and also generate an answer which may contain attribute values from other Items.

In the example above, the trigger string of one Item is "whats" and the configured reply string is: "Nothing much... Outside temperature is ${Balcony.Temperature} degrees and the fridge is at ${Freezer.Temperature} degrees. The bedroom window lamp is ${Bedroomwindow.State}."

One advantage with using an xmpp chat client to access Nethome is that you do not have to open up your firewall to access it from the outside. The xmpp-client item can connect out through firewalls. In the XmppClient-item you can also specify from which senders you accept messages.

The MessageInteractor-item is available in the nightly build.


  1. Hi,
    This is awesome feature. Just installed nightly version and made some temperature checking/controlling logic and it works great !!

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  4. Cool! Finally got it to work with Chatsecure client on my iPhone. What else commands con you use. (.Temperature)

    I can't get the iPhone to recieve "normal" XMPP messages. It works when I installed the client called "Pidgin" on my PC.
    Any ideas?