Save color

I have now added the possibility to save a color and dim setting as a preset dim value in the HueLamp-Item. You simply set the color and dim level via the Hue phone app for example, and then press the new "LearnDim1"-button in the Home Item. The current settings will then be stored in the Dim1 position and can later be recalled by selecting "Dim1". The HueLamp-Item has four Dim-positions where you can store color/dim-values.

I have also adapted the HueBridge-Item for the coming security changes in the Hue API. I must take the opportunity to thank the PhilipsHue developer support team for their excellent support! They have sent out mails and described the coming changes, but they have even looked in my source code and given detailed advice on how to adapt for the changes. Look at this support ticket to see what I mean. Really great developer support!

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