Support for IKEA Trådfri

IKEA has made a slightly unexpected entry in the Home Automation space with the new product line Trådfri. Currently it includes a variety of different remote controlled LED-bulbs and some interesting LED-surfaces. They can be controlled via a set of different remote controls or via an app (requires a gateway). All of them are very aggressively priced and best of all, the LED-bulbs are very powerful, with a max of 1000lm which is like a 75W incandescent bulb!

I have now added support for controlling the IKEA lamps with OpenNetHome. It requires the Trådfri Gateway to work (as the app do), but no other hardware.

The IkeaGateway-Item supports auto create, so when the gateway is connected in your local network, it shows up in the create-page as a detected device. When you create the IkeaGateway-Item, you have to enter the security code that is printed on the bottom of the Gateway.

Once the Gateway Item is created, all connected lamps will be auto detected and also show up as detected devices.

There are two lamp types supported, IkeaLamp and IkeaColorTemperatureLamp. The IkeaLamp represents the standard dimmable lamp with fixed color temperature where the brightness can be set between 0 and 100%. The IkeaColorTemperatureLamp represents the lamps with variable color temperature and for them the color temperature can be set between 0 and 100%, where 0 represents the coldest light. They both support the standard features with four configurable preset dim levels,

All Items are available in the Nightly build.

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  1. I'm using version 3.0-6ae52 and it even if I input correct gateway security code for my IKEA Trådfri the device is still "Not Connected". My Telldus Duo works fine on the same installation. Any tips?