Auto Configure

So, now I have finally completed a feature that I have wanted to add for a long time - automatically configured Home Items. This means that based on a received event, NetHomeServer can automatically configure a Home Item to respond to that event.
A typical use case is when you add a new lamp to your system. You would first program your lamp module to respond to the native remote control of the lamp module. When you press the remote control, this will show up as an event in NetHomeServer. If you select that event, you will be presented with a list of HomeItems that can respond to that event, typically a lamp-Item and a remap button Item. When you select the lamp Item, a new Home Item is created which is configured with the lamp's address so the only additional configuration needed is to give the lamp a meaningful name!
If you would install a new temperature sensor, this will automatically show up as a new event, and you can get a thermometer Home Item automatically configured to handle the new sensor. As usual, this feature works with all supported receivers: Tellstick Duo, Audio-input based and FS20 (FHZ 1000). This feature is now available in the nightly build.