Almost there

Ok, I have finally managed to control the lights (X10) via the CUL-device and NetHomeServer. There seems to be some kind of timing problem when sending the data to the device. I am not sure what the problem is, but it might be the "command framwork"  I am using that cannot handle high data rates. I might have to have some kind of acknowledge sceme from the CUL-device to slow down the transmission.



I am currently working with adding support for the CUL-Transceiver ( BusWare ) for NetHomeServer and ProtocolAnalyzer. Unfortunately this also means writing firmware for the stick. I just finished first version of firmware which can both receive and transmit.

The low level interface to the transceiver is a serial port, so to test it I connect with HyperTeminal and Type:
This adds a pulse to the transmit buffer with the length 03E8 (=1000 uS) and a space of 1388 (=5000 uS)
Then I type:
Which sends the transmit buffer 5 times. This gave the above result from the ProtocolAnalyzer (connected to an UPM-Receiver)
It works!!! Currently no error checking, so there is work left to do, but now I will write the NetHomeServer-port so I can test sending real protocol messages!