I am currently working with adding support for the CUL-Transceiver ( BusWare ) for NetHomeServer and ProtocolAnalyzer. Unfortunately this also means writing firmware for the stick. I just finished first version of firmware which can both receive and transmit.

The low level interface to the transceiver is a serial port, so to test it I connect with HyperTeminal and Type:
This adds a pulse to the transmit buffer with the length 03E8 (=1000 uS) and a space of 1388 (=5000 uS)
Then I type:
Which sends the transmit buffer 5 times. This gave the above result from the ProtocolAnalyzer (connected to an UPM-Receiver)
It works!!! Currently no error checking, so there is work left to do, but now I will write the NetHomeServer-port so I can test sending real protocol messages!


  1. I hope this is going to work out nicely, I like the Nethome software-kit but stuck with the CUL hardware that is doing a good job as well.

    Combining this will open endless possibilities.

    P.S. why making your own firmware, you could utilise the FHEM firmware available.

  2. Thanks! Well, FHEM has a different philosophy regarding where the decoding software is written. FHEM puts the decoder in the firmware, NetHome puts the decoder software in the Java-drivers, so the same protocol decoders/encoders can be used for all hardware. Therefore I will have to write a "generic" firmware which lets the Java do the actual protocol decoding.

  3. Trevlig programvara, jag skulle vilja använda temperatur visningen. Men frågan är hur kan jag få in data från en egen tempgivare. Om du införde en set temperatur funktion på UPMthermometer itemet, så kan man använda set funktionen i TCPCommandPort eller...

  4. Thanks Ronny. The easiest way is currently to connect to a TCPCommandPort and send the same kind of events that the UPM-Receivers send and use an UPMThermometerItem. If you have an easy accessable interface to your own thermometer hardware, we could perhaps write a specific HomeItem for it.