New Icons

So, as part for preparations to make NetHomeServer open source, I have now replaced all commercial icons with open source icons from the "Tango Desktop Project". The downside is of course that the icons look a bit less "professional", some of them I had to draw (or modify) myself. The good part is that I have the vector image source for all of them so it is possible to improve them in a controlled manner. So this is the new look of NetHome.


Protocol Analyzer 2.0

Protocol Analyzer 2.0 is now released. It can be downloaded from http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php/analyzer/start. The analyzer now supports decoder plugins. This means that it is easy to write your own decoder for a new protocol and plug it in to the Protocol Analyzer. The same decoder plugin can also be used in the NethomeServer.

The Protocol Analyzer now also has a real installer both for windows and for other platforms.

More details about the changes can be seen in the release notes.


Open Source

I have now finally started publishing the NetHome stuff as open source on GitHub. I have started with the Protocol Analyzer tool, and published the source for that. Unfortunately this is the oldest Java code I have written, so it is not the most beautiful...
The biggest blocker was actually the Icons. A long time ago I got tired of spending time finding nice icons for my projects, so I bought a commercial library (http://www.iconexperience.com) which is really good - but... I have tried to contact them on how to handle the icons in open source projects and never got any answer. So in the end I have had to spend the time replacing all icons in the program with public domain icons, which really felt like a big waste of time.
This is now done and I am preparing for releasing version 2.0 of the Protocol Analyzer with some really nice new features.