Ok, I have finally finished the Pulse Length Distribution View in the ProtocolAnalyzer. It's like a spectrum analyzer for the pulse lengths of a signal. It's really useful when determining the lengths and tolerances for pulses in a decoder.

It also shows the current problems I have with the CUL-receiver. The two pictures are from the same signal (Nexa). The top one is collected with the CUL-stick and the one below via the AudioSampler via an UPM-receiver. The signal received with CUL is all over the place. I still don't know what the problem really is. There seems to be a big variation in the received pulse lengths from the CUL-Stick.



I finally think I cracked the sending problem! It was not a timing problem, it was the transmitter circuit that was in a bad state due to wrong initializing.  Now the protocol encoders seem to work with the CUL-Device (at least X10 and Nexa which I have tried).