Belkin Wemo supported

Support for Belkin Wemo is now added to OpenNetHome. The Wemo product line is a series of home automation devices which are controlled via WLAN. This means that you do not need any separate hardware in OpenNetHome to control them, they are controlled via the normal network. Normally you control the devices via a phone app, but now you can also control them via OpenNetHome. The devices that are currently supported are:

  • Wemo Switch - a remote switch
  • Wemo Insight Switch - a remote switch that also measures power consumption.
  • Wemo Smart LED Bulb (Including Wemo Link)
The power measurement values from the insight switch can be used in OpenNetHome for graphs and to trigger actions. 

All Items support auto creation, so when they are plugged in and connected to the network, OpenNetHome will automatically list them in the Item Creation page ready to be used. 
Since the LED Bulbs communicate via the Wemo Link (Bridge), you have to add the Wemo Bridge-Item before the LED Bulbs show up in the creation page.

The new functions are currently in the nightly build