Save color

I have now added the possibility to save a color and dim setting as a preset dim value in the HueLamp-Item. You simply set the color and dim level via the Hue phone app for example, and then press the new "LearnDim1"-button in the Home Item. The current settings will then be stored in the Dim1 position and can later be recalled by selecting "Dim1". The HueLamp-Item has four Dim-positions where you can store color/dim-values.

I have also adapted the HueBridge-Item for the coming security changes in the Hue API. I must take the opportunity to thank the PhilipsHue developer support team for their excellent support! They have sent out mails and described the coming changes, but they have even looked in my source code and given detailed advice on how to adapt for the changes. Look at this support ticket to see what I mean. Really great developer support!


Oregon Wind

I have now added a Home Item for Oregon Scientific's wind meters. The protocol decoders have had support for a while, but I do not have one myself, so I have not been able to do a proper Home Item. With help of some users who wanted the support I have now added the OregonWind-Item which can display the average wind, wind gusts and wind direction. It is in the nightly build.


Belkin Wemo supported

Support for Belkin Wemo is now added to OpenNetHome. The Wemo product line is a series of home automation devices which are controlled via WLAN. This means that you do not need any separate hardware in OpenNetHome to control them, they are controlled via the normal network. Normally you control the devices via a phone app, but now you can also control them via OpenNetHome. The devices that are currently supported are:

  • Wemo Switch - a remote switch
  • Wemo Insight Switch - a remote switch that also measures power consumption.
  • Wemo Smart LED Bulb (Including Wemo Link)
The power measurement values from the insight switch can be used in OpenNetHome for graphs and to trigger actions. 

All Items support auto creation, so when they are plugged in and connected to the network, OpenNetHome will automatically list them in the Item Creation page ready to be used. 
Since the LED Bulbs communicate via the Wemo Link (Bridge), you have to add the Wemo Bridge-Item before the LED Bulbs show up in the creation page.

The new functions are currently in the nightly build



I have now added support for the first actuator in OpenNetHome - the RollerTrol automation systems. RollerTrol manufactures motors for automating shades and blinds. Most of their products are very DIY-friendly, and one of their more popular products is a small tubular motor that fits in the IKEA Tupplur Blind.
RollerTrol uses remote controls on the 433MHz band, so they can be controlled with Tellstick, Bitbanger or home made RF-Transmitters from OpenNetHome.

The RollerTrolBlind-Item in OpenNetHome, can send the standard Up, Down and Stop commands, but also the configuration commands: Confirm, Limit and Reverse.
The Item presents the current position of the blind in real time, as percentage of the full travel. You can also define two custom stop positions where you can send the blind.
The Item is available in the nightly build.


Hue Lux

I have added support for the monochrome lamps in the Philips Hue range called Hue Lux. These are a lower cost version of the lamps in the Hue series that does not support different colors, only dimming. I actually implemented this support without having access to a lamp myself, just using the excellent specs on Philips' site. With help from members on the forum I could get the feature verified and tested - thanks for the help! The lamps support auto detection like the ordinary Hue-lamps.
It is in the nightly build.