OpenNetHome in the media

I have now seen two articles about OpenNetHome online! One in the german Linux-Magazin and one in the greek site osarena.net. It is fun to see that the interest for home automation seems to be growing.



Since NetHome now officially support the Telldus Tellstick, the project now also has its own page on Telldus site for 3:rd party applications - check it out on here. Currently I am slowly moving documentation to the new site - a bit boring, but I guess it has to be done...


NetHomeServer 2.0

I have now finally released NetHomeServer 2.0! Release notes are available here. The final struggle was to get the drivers for Tellstick to work on Windows 8, but with great help from Telldus support we got that working. They signed the VCP-drivers needed for NetHomeServer - thanks!

For those who have been using the nightly builds, there are no other new things in there, instead there are two other things that have changed: The first is that NetHomeServer is now also open source, distributed under GPL V3. It is available on GitHub. Previously I have opened my private repository for those who have wanted to contribute, but now I can just say: Clone us on GitHub!

The second thing is that NetHomeServer now has a new site. Since it is an open source project, I thought a .org-address would be more appropriate, so www.opennethome.org is the new home - please visit and have a look. The old wiki will still be there for a while, I have not moved everything over yet.