Home Automation on RaspberryPI

Finally, my RaspberryPi arrived, the $25 Linux computer the size of a credit card. So of course I had to get NethomeServer  running on it.

The only real problem was actually to find a good Java virtual machine to use. The only one I have managed to get going with all needed features is OpenJDK, which unfortunately is a bit slow, but now there is a new start-script  for NethomeServer in the nightly build which will start and run NethomeServer on a RasberryPi with the Raspian Linux distribution!

The only feature that does not work so far is the desktop GUI, but the new WEB-GUI works fine, and that is the preferred GUI right now, so this means that all the home automation features may be run on a $25 box consuming less than 5W!

New fixes and features are constatntly being added to RaspberryPi, so faster Java virtual machines (JVM:S) will hopefully come available soon.