Home Automation on RaspberryPI

Finally, my RaspberryPi arrived, the $25 Linux computer the size of a credit card. So of course I had to get NethomeServer  running on it.

The only real problem was actually to find a good Java virtual machine to use. The only one I have managed to get going with all needed features is OpenJDK, which unfortunately is a bit slow, but now there is a new start-script  for NethomeServer in the nightly build which will start and run NethomeServer on a RasberryPi with the Raspian Linux distribution!

The only feature that does not work so far is the desktop GUI, but the new WEB-GUI works fine, and that is the preferred GUI right now, so this means that all the home automation features may be run on a $25 box consuming less than 5W!

New fixes and features are constatntly being added to RaspberryPi, so faster Java virtual machines (JVM:S) will hopefully come available soon.


  1. Yes! I'm planning to use RPi to track temperature for automatic warnings/notices, long term also doing adjustments by itself.

  2. Hi!
    Please suggest me some certified places in Ireland from where i can buy RPi....

  3. RPi can be ordered Farnell: http://export.farnell.com/rp/order

  4. Would it be possible to add support for simple TX modules on RPI? I did some basic work as described below, but now I search for a more complete solution.


    Maybe RF Bitbanger could be one of the interface options?

  5. Well, I guess it would be possible to add support for Bitbanger. But I still think that using the audio output is simpler, since it automatically solves all timer and driver problems! You do not need much more interfacing components to connect a RF-transmitter - see for example (http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php/waltertransmitter) where you do not even need the USB-sound card as RPi has an audio output built in.

  6. Hi this is awesome project but i get much problems.
    i have try make walter tx and receiver but receiver module work but there is pleeb sound alltime and protocol analyzer not show nexa codes only some random upm , and pronto code.Can someone help me so i can try make working nethome :D

    1. From you description I cannot understand exactly what the problem is. If you contact me by mail (the address is on http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php/nethomeservercurrentstate) and describe in more detail, perhaps I can help you.

  7. Oracles Java is pre installed on the latest Raspian distributions, so NetHomeServer works great on it now. Latest version can be downloaded on opennethome.org

  8. What are the latest versions of Raspberry Pi that I can use for home automation? Thanks

  9. Look at https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads and you will find the latest Raspian versions. Any version of Raspberry Pi works fine for OpenNethome.

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