Second System Syndrome

I think I have hit a light version of second system syndrome.

I wanted to clean up the architecture of the NetHomeServer, prepare for plugins and convert to Maven. So I created a clean branch where the structure and main interfaces are cleaned up and I started to (slowly) adapt and move over Items to this new branch. 

Mean while I really wanted some features in the system I have running at my home, which I then had to add to the old branch, since the new one is not working yet… So the result is that the work on the new branch has stagnated and is falling more and more behind.

I really should have known better. Trying to do a new second version where you clean up all the bad parts and rewrite it like it should have been done – all in one big go, is a well known trap in software development and has lead to many spectacular project failures. I have seen a few of them first hand in my career.

I somehow thought I would escape just because it is a small one man project. But some constants remain…

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