Oregon Scientific

I have now added support for the Oregon Scientific-range of sensors to OpenNetHome. As with the UPM-sensors there are two Home Items available to use them: OregonThermometer and OregonHygrometer. If the sensor model has a humidity sensor, you can connect both items to it. As usual they both support graphing of the values.
As usual I cannot test all variants. I have tested with the THGN132N which is a thermometer/humidity sensor. I have however added code for the THGR122NX, THGN123N, THGR810 and THGR810 temp/hum sensors, the THN132N, THR238NF and THWR800 temp only sensors, the WGR800 wind sensor, the RGR968 rain sensor and the BTHR968 temp/hum/pressure sensor. The support for those is a bit more theoretical, I have implemented it according to specifications, but have not tested them. Oregon Scientific also have three versions of the protocol: 1.0, 2.1 and 3.0. I have now implemented the 2.1 version. 3.0 would be possible to add, but again I don't have any sensors so, that would be a bit too theoretical implementation and I don't know how commonly used it is. Implementation is available in the nightly build.