Ok, I have finally finished the Pulse Length Distribution View in the ProtocolAnalyzer. It's like a spectrum analyzer for the pulse lengths of a signal. It's really useful when determining the lengths and tolerances for pulses in a decoder.

It also shows the current problems I have with the CUL-receiver. The two pictures are from the same signal (Nexa). The top one is collected with the CUL-stick and the one below via the AudioSampler via an UPM-receiver. The signal received with CUL is all over the place. I still don't know what the problem really is. There seems to be a big variation in the received pulse lengths from the CUL-Stick.


  1. You are on the way m8. Have you asked the CUL supplier? Sampling rate?

    Best regards, Walter

  2. Hello,

    Very good job ! Your protocol analyser is a very good software.

    Have you found the problem with Pulse Length distribution ?

    Can you give a date for the next release who support CUL ? I'm interested, I go to order my CUL soon :)

    I have other request for your software :
    * Add a button to clear the screen and clear all data recorded
    * The export seem to don't work, if it's possible to export one packet in csv format, it will be very interesting !
    * The pulse length must be calculated on zoom portion, to enable remove some noise from the selection.

    Thanks again,


  3. Thanks Mickael!
    I have not solved the problem yet, I am currently trying to adjust the parameters of the receiver circuit to get better reception.

    The clear button is already added (I missed that too) and the export is corrected. I will see what I can do about the zoom portion.


  4. Hej Stefan, har fått för mig att Du är svensk så skriver på svenska.
    Grymt program du skapat, har just börjat använda det. Saknar dock användarinstruktioner så tagit en stund att lista ut hur saker å ting fungerar men det tar sig. En sak jag inte lyckas med är dock att starta externa prog från ett event, skulle uppskatta enormt om Du kunde hjälpa mig med det. Åter igen, riktigt kul och användsbart prog.

    Mvh L. Kull

  5. Glad you like the program! The only way (currently) to start a program from an event is to let an extrnal program connect to the TCPCommandPort, subscribe for events and then start a program when the expected event is received.