Protocol Analyzer 2.0

Protocol Analyzer 2.0 is now released. It can be downloaded from http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php/analyzer/start. The analyzer now supports decoder plugins. This means that it is easy to write your own decoder for a new protocol and plug it in to the Protocol Analyzer. The same decoder plugin can also be used in the NethomeServer.

The Protocol Analyzer now also has a real installer both for windows and for other platforms.

More details about the changes can be seen in the release notes.


  1. Hello,

    Which kind of capacitor did you use to analyze the protocol ?

  2. Hi, it really does not matter what kind you use. I guess you should not use an electrolytic capacitor since it is AC, but other than that use the cheapest one you can find :-). I think I used a polyester capacitor.

  3. Hello,

    I used electrolytic capacitors with success, I will try with polyester capacitors and I will compare the results.

    Thanks for your very useful tool.