Speed Record

I have now a new personal development speed record. One of the more active NetHomeServer users (Walter) had bought a pair of smoke detectors with wireless connection (one goes off -> both goes off) which uses the standard 433.92MHz band. He sent me a raw dump of how the protocol RF signal looks (as a ProtocolAnalyzer .jir-file). It proved to be a pretty simple 3 byte space length encoded protocol which simply sends an address of the smoke detector.

And on the standard development time window (between supper and the late news) I managed to implement a protocol decoder for the protocol, test it and build new versions of ProtocolAnalyzer and NetHomeServer which supports the protocol - and which actually worked directly when Walter tested them!

Ok, ok, I know I am bragging now, but this was actually part of the goals with NetHomeServer - to have a framework where it is possible and easy to implement in small increments. To be honest, It took another evening to implement the unit test and the HomeItem which uses the protocol.

So now the nightly builds of NetHomeServer supports the new protocol "NexaFire" and there is a new Item called "NexaSmokeDetector" which can invoke commands when it receives a fire alarm via RF.

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