So, after some down time in the project, I have started looking into the code again. I have finally installed Sonar on the build server - and it dug up quite a few skeletons from the old parts of the code. I have spent a few days refactoring some of the central classes that really needed looking into.

I also got some unexpected - but very appreciated help, Christian Aune Thomassen has updated my CUL-firmware to support CUL V3 - thanks Christian!


  1. Thats great to hear, but where is it? Can't seem to find a link on the website.

  2. Ahhh, I forgot that little detail. I have now uploaded Christian Aune Thomassen's version on the download page.

  3. Hi Stefan,
    i have download your great great protocol analyzer software.
    It work fine, but I need tu decode a different IR protocol
    My ir protocol:
    start_bit - adress0 - adress1 - data - complement data

    address1 is not complement adress0.

    You can help me?


  4. Hi Francesco
    I’m glad to hear you like the ProtocolAnalyzer. I am a bit hesitant to volunteer to write a decoder for you, it usually requires access to the actual transmitter and may take some time. But I am currently working on a new version of the ProtocolAnalyzer where you can write and plug in your own decoders. If you like I can give you a prerelease of that version. Does your IR-protocol resemble any of the existing decoders? In that case I can also supply source for that decoder so you can base your plugin on that. Send me a mail and I am sure I can help you out somehow.

  5. Hi Stefen.
    Thank you for having responded to me. I analyzed several IR protocols for radio.
    Most have this type of encoding (http://wiki.altium.com/download/attachments/8749270/NECMessageFrame.png), but some do not transmit the complement data but a different address (address 0 - address 1 - command - comp. command)
    I will be happy to try your pre-release. my email is "ebay @ cicciosat.it".
    thanks again

  6. How about adding support for the telldus series?

  7. Well, when I started this project Telldus had no receiver. Now they have, so I guess it would make more sense now. However, I do the development on spare time and prioritize things I need. I find it a bit farfetched to spend $100 on hardware I don’t need and then spend a lot of hours implementing the support. That said it would still be fun to have the support, so if anyone wants to pitch in the hours they are most welcome.