NetHomeServer 0.10 released

NetHomeServer 0.10 is now released! The functions have been available in the nightly builds for quite a while, so I guess the only real difference is that I have documented the new Items on the Wiki. The release notes can be found at: http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php/nethomeserver_release010. The big change is that the new WEB GUI is now the officially supported GUI. This GUI is much more focused on actually controlling the devices and giving an overview. It also offers more support when configuring actions in other Items. The old one is still present, but will be phased out. Other highlights are: support for Waveman, Nexa absolute dim, Rising Sun and TeamCity.

1 comment:

  1. Great work!
    The new GUI works perfectly on my 1024x768 laptop screen and on my 1024x600 tablet.