It has earlier been possible to see graphs in NetHomeServer via the separate Thermometer-GUI.

Now I have added the graphing feature to the main NetHomeServer GUI. Any HomeItem with a LogFile-attribute will automatically get a graph-link in the Room-page and in the Plan-page. When you press that link you will get to the graph page of that Item which will display a graph of the values in the log file. This feature is currently built in to all thermometer and humidity Items. On the Graph page you can view the data over a day, over a week and over a month and you can also move back and forth in the data. The graph is also interactive so you can zoom into the displayed graph by selecting an area with the mouse. This feature is currently available in the nightly build.


  1. Var finns senaste att ladda ner?
    På nedladdningssidan står det 2012-08 men ser att du gjort ändringar 2013.


  2. Sorry for really slow reply - my computer broke down I have spent quite some time building a new... I have been really lazy with building new releases, but the "Nightly Build" always contains the current state of the project. It is automatically built every night and uploaded to the site (if all unit tests pass)

  3. It would be nice to be able to see several graphs on a same page. e.g. outside temp and inside temp.

    Btw, thanks for the work you have done for this.

  4. @lassiko: I agree and it is on the todo-list - together with a load of other stuff. So much fun to do and so little time...