Prologue Thermometer

Since Clas Ohlson in Sweden has a sale on Prologe wireless thermometers (http://www.clasohlson.com), I added support for their wireless sensors in OpenNetHome. It is in the nightly build and the Item is called PrologueThermometer. It supports auto create, so as soon as a sensor is detected it pops up on the Detected Devices Window ready to use.

Unfortunately, Telldus has not (yet) added support for it in the TellstickDuo firmware, so it can not be used if you are using TellstickDuo as RF receiver.


  1. My Telldus Thermo-/Hygrometer works fine with NetHomeServer but Prologue does not!

  2. Replies
    1. Ok, I see. I have added support in my protocol decoders, which are used when you use hardware that go via the microphone input (see http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php/homehw). With the TellstickDuo, I don't have access to the raw pulses, so I have to rely on the Tellstick firmware to do the low level decoding of the signals. Unfortunately the current TellstickDuo firmware does not yet support Prologue. I hope they will issue new versions of the firmware soon so you can receive it with TellstickDuo too.

  3. Ok, thank you so long!