Bad reception

While fixing the transmission on CUL, I discovered that changing the data-rate settings on the CC1101-chip changed the behavior on the reception side as well. I don’t quite understand why, since I do not use any of the built in decoding features. But it awakened my hope of getting the reception to work. So I tried increasing the data rate setting to 10KBaud. The result was that it could now decode the fast pulses of the NexaL-protocol, but no other, slower protocol now worked. The signals of them now were drowned in noise instead. Deep sigh. I will have to release without support for reception.


  1. Hej,

    jag tycker att det behövs ett forum för nethome server. Jag är precis i början av mitt projekt och det poppar upp frågor om hur det är tänkt att man skall använda nethome servern... som jag fattat det nu är tanken att det skall vara navet i hemmet..? men skall man kunna styra alla typer av events med denna också? (hur långt ifrån integration med sonos är vi i så fall???) eller skall man köra dom grejerna via eventghost? (home seer - som iofs kostar en slant verkar vara klart&betat på den fronten..)

    jag är precis i början av mitt projekt så jag hoppas det finns tålamod... :)


  2. Hi!

    Well, a forum might be a good idea. This started out as a small home project, but there seem to be a growing number of users out there now so a forum will perhaps be needed. The goal is for NetHomeServer to be able to be a “integration hub” or a complete HomeServer. It can be used for that already, but is a bit weak in the GUI-department still. Some people use it as an interface module for EventGhost or their own home controller projects and that is fine too. I currently have no interface for sonos, do they have an open API?


  3. Hi Stefan
    It seems like Sonos is compatible with something called "UPnp API", "http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa382303(VS.85).aspx"

    Here are some other links:

    I dont know what that means.. but here is what i would like to do:
    With the press of a dedicated “nexa button”. Start playing my favorite radiostation all over the flat.
    I have some LWST-605:s (nexa väggsändare 2-vägs) that i plan to spread around the flat. With four buttons: that could mean vol+, vol-, mute and cycle radiostations/sources/presets. One in each room that has a sonos zone.
    One "sorce" in the cycle above could be the flat saying something like: "Klockan är 01:19, det är förnärvarande +7 grader ute (vilket är dagens högsta temperatur), i detta rum är det 21 grader, ["hissen är inte på denna våning"].
    When someone rings the doorbell, the flat could pause the music running and anounce the guest.

    above is inspired by:

    Allt gott!


  4. Stop the presses...

    apparently someone has been here before:


  5. Ok, that was very interesting. Since you can control Sonos from the command line, you can use the NexaRemapButtton-item which can run a DOS/Shell-command when a Nexa-button is pressed. This way you should be able to control Sonos with Nexa-buttons via NetHomeServer


  6. Yepp, i figured that.. Only problem now: i can’t get zpcmd to run on my win7 machine... but i will try to spend some time on that this weekend... (If my wife will let me)

    Also i need to solder my nexa receiver :(... not looking forward to that. BTW: have you been awarded a telldus beta gizmo?

    I would like to build a web frontend for nethomeserver that:
    1. Fits my ipad
    2. Integrates with my sonos system in the way i described above
    3. db-driven (customizable)
    +can do everything else that NHS can do.. Well not everything maybe but.. With regards to lights/sensors/tv-remotes etc.

    Problem is, i grew up in the 80:ies and have learned to code function based. This means that i would love to build it in classic vbscript asp (where i feel quite comfortable and quick).

    Is there any easy way for me to interact with NHS on the server running my asp-from the server part (I’m sure that there is but I’m looking for your views on how to do that considering above)


  7. Sounds like a great project! Well, the easiest way to integrate with NHS from external systems is via the TCPCommandPort (http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php/tcpcommandport). There you can call actions and get attribute values via a simple TCP/IP-connection. The soldering is not really that hard, and you can omit C2. But if you are using one of those simple USB-Headset sound cards, you may have to move C1 so it is between RECEIVE and R1 instead.

    What is a telldus beta gizmo?


  8. Beta Gizmo:

    Soldering done! (like 1 hr ago.)

    Seams to work - used thees parts:

    (against recommendations) -initial, very preliminary testing shows one problem: very limited range..

  9. Sugestion...? maybe im doing it wrong but... i am supposed to configure each senser/lightswitch etc befor i am able to "listen to them"?

    a idea would be that you could be abel to look at some sort of log with everyting received on the audio thing in a like eventlog or something, and then, for "unknown" units you coulkd like select them and then define them.. i have 5 UPM/ESIC sensors.. i dont know what ther devicecode/housecode is.. and i must unscrew one thing in order to get to the button in order to like reset them and change settings.

    (this is after like 20 minutes om running the NHS... so i might be missunderstanding things)

    i also have a problem getting PA to run. the bat file seems to run just fine.. but.. i dont know how to get the gui up. can seem to find documentation for this

    well i have to go to bed now long day tomorrow...

    finns det någon bra anledning till att jag skriver detta på engelska? du verkar ju förstå svenska?

  10. You should be able to use the ProtocolAnalyzer to ”sniff” your sensor/switches. If you are having problems with the current Analyzer, try the Beta for the new version on: http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php/beta, it also has a manual on: http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php/analyzer/manual/start. I try to keep topics of general interest here in English; we can continue with your specific issues in Swedish offline, my mail is on the “Current state of the project”-page.


  11. Now i feel like a real smuck! I seem to have installed a 32bit java on my 64 bit amd laptop (because i run IE in 32 bit mode - to get flash working). Tried to install 64bit but it dident seemt (strange thing that HomeManager seems to have run yesterday) to work so i switched to one om my DTs. PA now starts!