Java sampler problems

The last couple of weeks have not been very productive. I started getting feedback that the audio based reception in NetHomeServer had started to hang for some users using Windows. It seems this behavior started with one of the latest Java updates. So I have spent a couple of weeks trying to hunt down this problem. To make things worse this behavior does not occur in any of my environments (One Linux and two Windows). Fortunately I have been getting great help from Walter Krämbring and David Näslund, who have received and tested numerous versions helping me to hunt down the problem. Thanks David and thanks Walter! I think I am almost there now finding a solution, but I am not sure yet. My impression is that the Java sound system is not the most reliable part of the environment. If anyone else has seen the problem that a TargetDataLine stops working after a couple of hours or that Java refuses to open a new TargetDataLine once the old one is closed, I would be glad to hear any suggestions on how to get around those problems – my current solutions are quite ugly…

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