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So I have finally finished the plan-view page on NetHomeServer. It has been half done for a long time, but the editing part has been missing. But now this is also there! The idea is that you can load any background image that represents your home (I used the excellent SweetHome3d to create mine), and then you can add and drag and drop your Home Items on the image.

When you click an Item, you get a popup with all available actions for that Item, as is shown in the example below:

The main attribute of the Items is presented below the icon, for example temperature if it is a thermometer. The values are constantly updated on the page, so it always shows the current status.

It is also possible to add multiple plan views (they are Home Items of course), and when you add another Plan Item to a plan, it becomes a link to that plan. The green arrow in the top center of the image above is such a link and when it is selected you are directed to that Plan Item, as is shown below:
In this way you can for example zoom in on an area with many lamps or controls or have multiple plans for different floors, rooms or buildings.

The plan view is now available in the nightly build and will be part of next release.

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