I have been working a bit with T Andersson, who has written rf-bitbanger. Rf-bitbanger is a device driver for Raspberry Pi that allows writing of pulse sequences to the GPIO-pins. This makes it possible to connect for example a 9€ 433MHz transmitter directly to the RPi and control remote switches without any additional interface components (see picture above).
I have now made a first version of a rf-bitbanger-HomeItem which can transmit all protocols supported by NetHome via a rf-bitbanger port. This means that for only 9€ you can turn RPi into a complete home control system!


  1. AWESOME this is realry awesome I think I test this tomorrow

  2. I can tell this work , there is litte problem make that driver module but i find good help topic:
    i make like there they say but use source 3.6.y and all work like charm.

  3. Yes, I also had problems building the rfbb-driver, and I actually ended up asking Mr Andersson for help... But now I think there are good descriptions on the RPi forum. I was considering if I should supply a ready built rfbb-driver with NetHomeServer, but the problem is that the driver has to be compiled for each version of Raspian, so in the end I decided not to do that.

  4. Great! Tested with Oracle JDK 8 for Raspberry Pi. Seems to work OK!
    Building the rfbb driver depends on kernel headers or source.
    I wrote a small script to aid this process:


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