Low battery...

NetHomeServer always keep a rolling log on disk about events in the system. Now the last 50 rows of this log (since last restart) is also available in the GUI via the settings page and via a link on the top right of the screen. The log contains information messages but also warnings about configuration issues or low battery warning for sensors, for example the UPM temperature sensors. If a warning message is present in the last 50 log rows a small warning triangle is presented next to the log link on the screen, as shown in the picture above. This is now available in the nightly build. 


  1. Hi,
    I've been using these UPM sensors together with a Tellstick Duo for a long while now. The battery alarm does show up in the log, but the thermometer item itself always shows battery status as "100%". How come?

    I'd like to trigger a warning message (email) when battery gets low. I already have warning messages when the sensor signals stop coming for longer than 15 minutes (they sometimes do that if their signals overlap each other).

    1. Sorry. Did some experimenting and now I can see that the item indeed shows battery at 10% for a thermometer that also has a battery warning visible on its LCD.

  2. Although there must be a more elegant way of delivering log warnings to email. Any ideas?