Philips Hue

So, now I have added support for Philips Hue in NetHomeServer. It is one HomeItem for the bridge and one HomeItem per lamp. The new auto configure feature is also supported, so you only have to create the bridge item manually. After that all available lamps will automatically present themselves on the create screen, so you do not have to configure any parameters for them.
The really nice thing is that you can as usual mix them with any other of the supported systems. I control my hue lamps with a Nexa wall switch and a FS-20 wall switch. That way I can trigger different scenarios (colors and dim levels) from wall switches or other events (like timers, temperature and so on). Hue actually works particularly well with Nexa-switches since they use different RF-frequencies, so the signal from the switch does not interfere with the signals sent to control the lamps.
These are the first lamps with bi-directional communication that I have added support for, so if the lamps change state outside of NetHomeServer's control, this will still be reflected in the NetHomeServer GUI.
I am still trying to figure out the best way of specifying the color of the lamp in the Item, currently one integer is interpreted as color temperature, and two integers separated by a comma as hue and saturation.
The feature is available in the nightly build.


  1. Stefan,
    Long time has passed, since years I have been running your NetHome as a service under windows and it has worked great.
    Yesterday I took the challange to move everything to a Raspberry Pi, I installed your latest build and I must say I am impressed, it is really working fast.
    This comment is not really regarding the Hue but more to the other benefit you are mentioning; the mixed situation, combining various technologies in the same system. I personally have a mixed home automation combining those simpler RF devices with OneWire and Z-Wave. This possibility also allows you top smoothly migrate from one technology to another.

    Thanks for a very nice HA software,

    PS You should ask for your own section at the Telldus site since you are now also supporting the TellStick Duo

  2. Hi Walter, thanks! I am really glad to hear that the transition to Raspberry worked well for you. I have received mails from other users that also have made smooth transitions between different technologies (audio out -> bitbanger -> Tellstick for example) and I really like that because that is one of the main goals with this little project - to have a software that can evolve with new technologies in the home automation field. Thanks for the support!


    PS I will talk to Telldus as soon as I build the next proper release, it seems the majority of new users are actually using Tellstick with NetHomeServer

    1. I'm still using the 'home brewed' audio device...
      Actually, one little note that might be useful in a configuration guide; use 'sudo alsamixer' to configure the microphone properly

      Best regards, Walter

  3. This feature is now released on http://opennethome.org

  4. Hi,
    I'm not able to Connect to mye Hue Bridge.
    I have been following the instructions on http://wiki.nethome.nu/doku.php?id=HueBridge, but no address appears.
    Are there more detailed instructions anywhere?

    1. Rading the instructions more thorougly, I figured it out.

      Another question: Are Hue Lux lamps not supported?

    2. Well, to be honest - I don't know... I don't have one, so I have not been able to test. I guess it depends on how much they behave like the ordinary Hue Lamps.

    3. OK, then I guess the answer is no. They do not turn up automatically under "Create item", like the normal Hue lamps do.

    4. Hmm, I did some reading on Philips site, and I have now added "theoretical" support for them (I cannot test it). Could you download the nightly build and see if i works? Color should be set as empty in the Lamp Item.

    5. It works. Thank you very much!

  5. I tried with my hue lux lamps and thay don't appear in "create item" section. I've downloaded the newest nightly build

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